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A new way to build an Ecommerce webshop

We have been working on a solution for how can businesses publish their own webshop and website and take orders and payments in less than 5 mins. 

When you register with ClickandCollection, we have now turned that process into an Express Webshop builder. You answer a number of questions and then link to your preferred payment provider. 

Your webshop is then live and can share your webshop URL and take orders and payments immediately. 

Your Express Shop is set up for one product and fulfillment process. You can change all the granular settings of the features you have at your disposal to run the online business that best suits. 

We have designed to make processes as intuitive as possible. Below you can find explanations to many of these features and we are available to help you optimise your webshop.

Step 2 - Add business details

These are the details your customer will see online. Including opening times and your collection process.

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Introducing Table Ordering

We have been busy over the last few weeks and we are about to publish a bundle of new features in the coming days. Here is a taster of what lies ahead -Table Order. Digital menus, automatic capture of the details of the group lead ( for contact tracing) order and pay seamlessly.

Set up Table Ordering

Step 1 - set up a table. Step 2- set up a table service menu, we recommend using separate menus for table service don't include table order, collection and delivery in one menu.

Step 3 - Adding a product

Shows you how to add your products and organise your shop.

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Step 4 - Collecting payments and connecting to Stripe

How to connect to Stripe to process your payments. Now you are ready to start trading.

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Setting up a new Stripe Account

Fill in your company details and input your bank account IBAN number. Connect your Stripe account to your site ( see above). You can now accept payments on your site. To verify your account so Stripe can transfer payments to your bank account you will need photo ID & a utility bill. Which they have neat way of viewing on their site.

Getting started on stripe

How simple is it for my customer to order and pay?

Set up automated queue manager

This is to help you have a managed collection service and make it easy for your customers to maintain social distancing. In settings on your account, set the amount of pick up slots available for your customers to collect an order in a time period dependent how many collections you handle efficiently in a period of time. When your customers order they can book available time slots.For example, if you would like a maximum of 10 collections every 30 minutes. Select 30 min period & 10 slots and hit update.

How to use your dashboard - view your orders using filters and reports

Using filters and reports are invaluable in how you approach your workflow and how you prepare your orders for collection.

How to handle special orders and request secure payment

Sometimes a customer may have a special order of a product that you don't have listed on your shop. Now it simple to deal with this in realtime and the customer can pay securely for the order immediately.

How to prepare and complete your orders on your dashboard

This walks you through the steps of how to mark an order complete and ready for collection at the agreed time slot.

How to download your daily Z Register Report

Daily sales report listing products, quantity & tax in a format that you can send to your accountant. Let's make admin easier!

How to print packing slip to accompany your order

Sometimes you need to print a packing slip for your customer. This is how you do it.

Join hundreds of other bricks and mortar businesses who are now selling online and providing collections, deliveries and table service to their customers through our software.